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Freedom Energy, LLC is a  provider of sustainable energy solutions for residential, community and commercial applications.  We provide top-quality, energy-efficient, solid-state lighting solutions.

We are dedicated to helping the world reduce CO2 emissions, global warming, environmental toxicity, and resource consumption.

We are committed to the distribution of quality LED lighting solutions across the nation.

Our goal is to provide you the ‘Freedom’ to choose your renewable means of power and “Break the Need” of conventional utilities.  We strive to reduce overall energy usage and develop energy independence for our clients by focusing on the most cost-effective solutions.

The Freedom Energy, LLC team is dedicated to designing and maintaining highly efficient and reliable energy systems.  As your consultant and source of quality products, in the  ever-changing market, we possess the ability to provide multiple options to match your needs. We are able to analyze your current energy usage and manage your power through high-efficiency lighting fixtures, renewable energy production, back-up power generation or a combination of these. This in turn gives our clients the most accurate vision of what can be expected in terms of cost savings, production and return on investment.

home2Freedom Energy, LLC will help educate you on the technologies available to ultimately make an informed decision for your future without pressure.  As the demand for clean energy increases, Freedom Energy, LLC has the answers for your residential, community, and commercial needs!

Experience the difference with Freedom Energy and “Break your Need.”

Do you have questions?  Contact our consultants today at 920-833-0561.